A Webinar in partnership with hubspotHow Integrating your External CRM with HubSpot Will Turbocharge Your Marketing

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If you're a marketer using HubSpot and have an external CRM, this webinar is for you.

Watch the live webinar we hosted with HubSpot on July 25th, 2019.

Did you know that by combining your CRM with HubSpot, you can significantly improve the results of your sales and marketing efforts? Our experts will walk through how to achieve this, as well as: 

  • The benefits of a CRM integration
  • How an integration will boost your marketing results
  • The key steps to a successful integration

Your webinar leaders:

  • Rohit Ohri - Principal Channel Consultant, HubSpot
  • Katy Ermak - Solutions Architect, LyntonWeb
  • Kyle James - Solutions Architect, LyntonWeb
  • Roman Kniahynyckyj - Growth Strategist, LyntonWeb

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